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BizShops, a skills-building workshop site, offers small business owners ongoing business insights and tactical help to achieve desired business results, reach key audiences, and build digital assets with the right mix of technology, management and leadership, emotional intelligence, and education.

Industry Experts

Meet Sue-Ann...Plus a Talented Selection of Recommended Instructors in Related Services...

HINT: These suggested experts are my personal mentors, colleagues, friends, and clients, and in most cases, I've been part of their digital courses, training, mentoring, and education as both student or collaborator. Kudos to each...

I refer to things I know via each of them and link to their content often in my writing and content production of all sorts. You'll get to know them through me via audio, video, written, and visual content, and parts of each are part of me as I bring BizShops to you.  Other top dogs, also highly recommended, coming out soon...

Lisa Sicard of Inspire To Thrive is next up to join the pro-line-up in-store for you so please stay tuned! Woot woot!! Her Instagram Course is NOW AVAILABLE on Udemy...and I am a student:)


For continuous learning to improve your skills for business and to create a digital footprint worth stepping into!

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