Intro to Video Marketing for Your Business

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Sue-Ann Sue-Ann Conduit for Learning. Content Creator for Business. Curious Creative Communicator.

As a B2B Content Creator and Small Business owner for more than half of her life, Sue-Ann loves everything business and content. Her superpowers include writing and promoting others, with a dash of creativity and a bucket of ideas thrown in! Make sure to connect with Sue-Ann.

Intro to Video Marketing for Your Business


Have you thought about using video to put a spotlight on your business?

And, even if you are thinking about it, are you frozen in place? Does your video library so far look more like a sunken and forgotten ship than a gleaming beacon? Are you feeling fearful of putting your ugly mug out there, even for a minute? Yep, me too!

So I did what I do when I’m nervous about something. Research.

Now I’m feeling more confident about working with video, and I’m even having fun playing around. It turns out, testing and practicing with video are the perfect first steps, as well as a confidence-builder to prepare yourself to hit the “Publish” button. I can’t wait to share everything I learned and continue to learn about Video Marketing for Business with you!

See you inside?   Thanks, Sue-Ann

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