Find Your Visual Voice through Photography

with LEE LOVE,

  • Create Photographic Art
  • Forge Your Vision, Feel Your Work
  • Develop The Unspoken Story
  • Meet Lee Love...

    "My goal is to help you reach your creative potential with confidence."

    The art of photography goes beyond cameras, lenses, or tech. The best photographs start with YOU and how you SEE the world.

    Join the Photo Mentor Academy and I’ll walk you through the critical aspects you need to understand to find your artist’s eye and present a visual story that no one else can tell.

    Need Some Encouragement?


    I love supporting photography artists and am passionate about helping you reach your full potential. Whether teaching lighting classes or including a new photographer as an assistant for a magazine assignment, guiding you to discover your talents, and uncover your creativity, makes my day! Let me help you be the photographer you aspire to be.  Join me?

    Tired of Misinformation?

    It may seem a little crazy to start an Academy to help photographers out of frustration and aggravation seeing misleading information and condescending comments made to new photographers on the internet every day. But, that’s exactly why I’m here. I’m compelled to do something to help new photographers grow. And I want to help students tap into their own unique creativity, confidently. My goal is to help you make your photo work awesome, no matter where you are to start. There’s no disparaging here—I want to lift you up! See you there?

    Lee Love of Photo Mentor Academy

    Feeling Overwhelmed?

    I want you to get more enjoyment out of the art of photography, but I know it can get overwhelming quickly. If you’re pulling your hair out merely picking a digital camera, you know what I mean. The terminology and acronyms alone are enough to make you want to give up and run. But don’t worry, I’ve taught students from kid age to elderly grandmas, and with my conversational method, easily translating camera-speak into easy to understand English, it works. You’ll be like, aha!

    Why Photo Mentor Academy?

    I know you don't believe me (yet) but the techno-babble and concepts are the easiest part of photography. So, knowing the equipment and tech is secondary, hopefully, gives you peace of mind to jump in. But that’s just the beginning.

    I’m dedicated to helping you SEE and develop your own unreplicable style, and to find your VISION while tapping into the creativity that makes you different than any other photographer.

    The Photo Mentor Academy is different because, yes, you will learn how to use your camera and a bunch of other technical skills along the way. But the key aspect and most important piece of gear you already own is your creativity.

    Let’s work together and see you grow as the artist I have faith you can be with a little guidance from the Academy. Ready to find your visual voice?

    Let's Talk About Each STEP...

    Learn to look for and see what others do not...

    Tell a compelling story to reach the heart, mind, or soul...

    Uncover the gibber-jabber techno-speak to understand it...

    Learn the critical process the digital darkroom offers...

    Connect with Lee Love, Photo Mentor Academy

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