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Getting Set to Go

Are you ready to begin your blog learning journey? Well, not so fast because I want to welcome you, though pretty quickly, first!

I want to remind you that although we’ll be working from our Journey Map as we adventure through this blog blinging adventure, not everyone will (nor should they) follow the beaten path. I can give you a bunch of examples of highly successful blogs that decidedly take the path less traveled. But that’s okay because the key is finding an original and highly unique blog strategy to fit you, specifically.

I’m confident we can do just that as we spend time together learning and doing blog work on your site over the six weeks of this quest for blog bling. And, I have a few surprises in store for you along the way!!

It’s of utmost importance that you get things done and make clear progress on your business blog so, to make sure that happens, activities and rewards are part of the process to help keep you inspired and moving along.

In addition to the lessons dropped over a six-week period, there will be LIVE sessions once a week to explain the week’s lesson or activity further, or answer questions and give added spice. These will be scheduled depending on most students’ best times once we see who enrolls and what time zones are involved. Also, a recording of each session will be added to the course afterward for viewing at any time in case you either missed it or want to go back for something.

Questions are welcome each week, and besides this course site, you are invited to a private BLOG HOG Facebook group for further workspace and additional resources and interaction. This is also a good place to ask questions, get feedback, and bounce ideas around for input.


When you see this guy at the end of a lesson, click on the text below it (not in this example) for a link for downloads, like a worksheet or guide to use for the lesson. Or sometimes, it may be an asset to use to build your Blog Workbook for future use.


These activities are for your own blog to initiate forward motion, so you get things done and make constant progress. For YOU, not for pretend or for practice, but for your blog to start improving right away while you hone your knowledge and skills and actively work on your blog along the way! Hooray, right?

First Things First:

In this pre-trip video, Sue-Ann covers the importance of having a professional blog for your business website and blog content hub. Also, be sure to listen to tips for aligning this course with your particular blog needs for getting your best results.

Here are some excellent resources to get you up and running so you’re all revved up and ready to go as you hit the ©BLOG TRANSFORMATION HIGHWAY to explore attractions and find blog bling to use immediately for your business blog.

This Udemy course and next resources were suggested to me by WordPress Pittsburgh.

For all things WordPress, there’s also this.

And, for a little more advanced help, this site gives you actual code you may need for various reasons to add to your site.

Finally, I just recently discovered this WP Learning initiative, Learn WordPress, with WP tutorials by Automattic themselves. I spied on a few tutorials to brush up on Gutenberg, the latest environment to create in WordPress, natively.

PLEASE NOTE: While a site is not a requirement for this course, it is the leading choice for powering the most (and many of the very best) websites worldwide. I am constantly working with and learning about WordPress in my digital journey, and, many times, knowledge of WP is a requirement for doing digital business.

Taking the Lite Rail System

Look over the materials so far, and start doing some work (if you like) before the course officially kicks off. Probably, the most important thing to start now is to set up a site if you don’t already have one. 

And, don’t worry if you’re a person who’s not a reader; the course’s LIVE presentations are sure to fill in the blanks, explaining and adding to course details.

The things-to-do activities are designed to be both brief and robust enough to propel you along. Plus, the added interaction available throughout the course and in the Facebook Group for as long as it exists may replace or supplement any overwhelm from reading lessons or resource links.

Still, I want to give you a comprehensive look at your blog hub’s business, and you’re also welcome to refer to the course for as long as the site and course are available.

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact me directly via email here:

I appreciate you being here and look forward to the fun and learning coming up…

Our goal is to help you make your blog a successful business content hub that attracts new business for you. Taking your blog to a higher level is a lot easier with a route and some guidance to help get you there.

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