World Premiere: How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog Course Invitation

How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog ii

An invitation to join in a 6-week interactive online course and Blog Learning a quest to improve your professional blog to earn business.

How to Bling Your Blog, part ii

What the Hell is This?

A 6-week online blogging course.

BUY YOUR TRIPTIK to travel the ©BLOG TRANSFORMATION HIGHWAY with professional blogger, Sue-Ann Bubacz, as your Tour Guide & Activities Director, and prepare to hang on to your hat!

This course, "How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog" is a one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to make sure you have the information and know-how you need to accelerate the viability of your business blog.

On Launch Day, we'll introduce you to your Quest Map (Itinerary, or Syllabus if you prefer) and off we go to explore how to make your blog a successful business content hub that attracts new business for you.

By completing tasks, activities, and lessons at key checkpoints along the way, you'll collect "blog bling," and finish key projects on your blog, too!

As you travel through this interactive learning quest, bling-building exercises are presented as adventures designed to:

  • help you develop your "Blog's Brain," (a BIZ BLOG WORKBOOK) and
  • give you a blogging roadmap, mindset, and strategic plan to work from moving forward.

Expect to collect a series of Blog-a-Log resources—like worksheets, checklists, and other guides—so you can keep your professional blog running smoothly.

HINT: These content assets give you an operational outline and strategic plan for your personal Biz Blog Workbook.

Here's what Dana Gore has to say about the course!

Who the Hell is This Course For?

Solo bloggers, content makers, or small business owners/freelancers, responsible for developing a dynamic website content hub, will absolutely love this quest!

Not only will you gain a trick or two to add to your blogging toolkit, but you'll also clarify your blog's purpose and develop a blog strategy and framework. This fun learning quest means BUSINESS! 

How? A step-by-step guided tour gives you the skinny for:

  • finding your focus
  • assessing your resources
  • building blog content assets
  • developing blogging skills, and
  • finding tools to fit your specific needs.

In sharing this Blog Learning Quest with you over a six-week period, expect a walk through the key blog concepts you need to succeed.

From core components for a solid blog foundation to the strategic implementation of an impactful blog plan, every adventure in this blog learning is crafted to move your business solidly forward.

Plus You Get Top Blogging Professionals at Your Side for Six Weeks!!

Sue-Ann Bubacz

Write Mix for Business
Sue-Ann is a business owner for more than half of her life. She loves everything business. and now, everything business content, too! Working as a professional writer and content creator, mainly in the B2B and digital marketing space for the past 6 years or so. Sue-Ann is so thrilled to share her wide and assorted experiences with business and marketing, content creation, and creating a digital business from scratch.


Please KNOW THIS: This course isn't a "read and wallow," but more a "feed and swallow," because, you know, your blog IS a hog! And besides, you need to get things DONE!

Although lazy bloggers don't belong here, the plan is to make your blog work easier, almost effortless, and more effective, not just efficient. Sounds great, right?

Why Bling Your Blog is For You

Feeling stuck in the muck isn't unusual when you are starting a blog or trying to accelerate its growth.

Bloggers, creatives, and business owners alike are torn between managing business objectives and simultaneously building their inbound marketing machine, anchored by, yep, your blog. A blog is a big job.

It hogs time and attention. Besides feeling overwhelming, your blog requires ongoing maintenance and constantly evolving skills to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital environment. Flying solo or with a small team adds to the pressure and indecision—even cuts into your momentum—making your blogging efforts yet more challenging.

Oh, just to ask someone a question!!

Don't worry, your answers are here because we have your back!! In fact, that's why we are creating this helpful blog course. We want to help you transform and guide you to make your blog a successful business content hub that attracts new business for you. 

We are producing this fun learning journey to help you to make real progress on your blog, once and for all.

Again, It's All For You

Creating and upgrading your blog, the digital content hub for business, is demanding. The journey to Bling Your Blog can be both long and hard, so this quest is carefully constructed to show you the way. But, the real beauty is how it allows you to make progress and work on your specific blog needs.

Not to mention how the camaraderie and your personal tour guide will enrich your experience on the ©BLOG TRANSFORMATION HIGHWAY so you make progress...

What You Need and Need to Know


  • Over a six-week learning journey, students will get twice-weekly BLOG WORKSHOP lessons, one on Tuesdays, and one on Thursdays. Plus, on Wednesdays, you'll have the opportunity to attend LIVE sessions with Sue-Ann for further discussion and NEW ideas for each course section we visit. But, don't worry if the time or schedule for the LIVE sessions isn't workable for you because we will provide the videos to access later, or anytime you want. You get access to the course for as long as it's available.


  • [In these exclusive Workshops, we *introduce topics, *share ideas, and leave you with Labs or assignments, including worksheets and activities to do, along with providing additional resources.]


  • The WordPress (dot org) platform is the one we are using and highlighting in particular as a preferred choice for professional bloggers. [Tech tools, tips, and software emphasized in the course are associated with WordPress. But, don't worry if you're new to WordPress, we have a Pre-trip Prep Lesson to get you up to speed and ready to launch with us! Hint: Sign up ASAP, in this case, to get extra materials so you can get prepped and ready pre-launch.]


  • After each Workshop, you have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers and additional support through the private BlogHog Facebook Group.


  • Committing to about 2 hours a week of your time is the minimum for you to plan to invest to absorb the core materials. But if you can put in 10 or more hours a week, you can activate a complete blog overhaul, working step-by-step with focus, organization, and clarity. Plus, 6 weeks of Sue-Ann and blogging colleagues at your side!


  • Each learning destination contains the appropriate assets to accompany each Blog Workshop section. Look for *worksheets, *checklists, *exercises, *assignments or activities, *guides, or *reference materials, for example. (Create a Biz Blog Workbook as we go.)



  • Create a BIZ BLOG WORKBOOK using course materials and formulas you get, and fine-tune to your specs as you complete tasks, exercises, and assignments. Use this to keep your blog running smoothly!  [Hint: Print pages out if you like, or as needed, and use a three-ring binder to create your blog's original operations plan (and strategy) to work from moving forward.]


  • For the upcoming offer for this super-duper blog blinging adventure, "How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog," get a Pre-Sale Pricing SPECIAL Offer for a Limited Time. This is a thank you pricing structure to offer our early adopters a chance to participate in shaping this course. And, because you are doing so, a Pre-Sale price break offer is only the beginning of the surprises in store for you! THANK YOU. THANKS. THX:)


  • Additional Resources are provided over the course period for further investigation and additional learning. Other opportunities may be presented.


Investing in the right course to propel your business forward is life-changing and why we put this Blog Learning Quest together in the first place. The idea is for your blogging success journey to go easier for you than the silent lonely struggle it sometimes becomes–at least it often feels that way.

A blog hogs time and effort and sometimes finding the value and business results you need is overwhelming. You have a lot on your shoulders and your blog, too, has a BIG job to deliver for your business. Struggling to get things right and make progress is time and emotion sucking. Maybe focus gets out of focus all too often and your blogging and content take a hit.

Maybe you can use a little help and besides, a fun little blogging trip to blog hog heaven may just be the magic you need to grow your business and get your blogging mentality in shape! Am I right? Working within a group and with an organized approach to help you find your unique path to blogging success may just be what the doctor orders.

A successful blog—the content hub for your digital business activity—is crucial to you, so make it a priority right now and join How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog!

Excited to Get Started? Let's Go... SIGN UP BELOW✔

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