Writing Tips to Improve Your Blog

Writing is at the core of all your digital productions, so writing tips to improve your blog is definitely the place to start.

It’s a matter of so much more than the mere act of writing to create the magic your words need to resonate with people.

Besides, web writing has a few rules of its own. And mannerisms I guess you can call them, making web writing unique in how to approach it. Like talking to YOU, (and I mean not being afraid to call you, you, you know?) and remembering to write in the present tense as often as possible, for example. (It takes practice for sure!)

But one of the best ways to improve your web writing is to learn to catch (or recognize) your ticks. The problem with these bothersome writing ticks (don’t worry, we all have them!) is they are hard to notice sometimes. In a way, they’re habits so you don’t even recognize them, they just sneak on into your writing. Repeatedly usually! Yikes.

Often, a single word is the bain of your writing existence. It’s that ONE word you just can’t seem to get off of and worse, you have no idea it’s there, and there, and here, and there, and every-which-where in your writing! Search and destroy!! Play around with a thesaurus while you’re at it.

Words don’t need to be sophisticated or complex, they just need to convey what you mean. What you want them to. Nothing more. Nothing less. The old saying is still relevant so you remember to keep it long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep it interesting! Deliver value as a goal.

Value readers. Value their time and see them as respected friends.

Writing Tips for Your Blog to Note

When you take those last two sentences (above ⬆⬆) to heart, you write more genuinely, and more honestly to connect and engage with people.

You know, you really need to watch the video because Ann Handley, web writing wizard and first-ever official Content Marketing Officer in the world, is highlighted with her wise web writing wisdom. Wisdom I refer to often as I continue my online writing experience. (I wrote this after first discovering, getting, and reading her ridiculously good book on writing!)

"Swap places with your reader. Be a critic of your own work. ~Ann Handley quote on visual with a girl in the counrtry looking in a window at her reflection.
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Beyond what you write for your blog, which itself is formidable in practice, your website demands other writing skills for different purposes. Each of these is a study as well and, fortunately for me, I started with copywriting education before beginning to formally publish. The skills and tactics for effective copy are good underlying, sometimes subliminal, components to use in web writing of various kinds. Copy formulas and concepts pop up in multiple areas on your website, for example.

Web writing, whether for blog content, web copy, journalistic pieces, or anything else, really, needs to connect with people. The writer needs to find an emotional connection for the most direct and powerful pathway to humans.

The Study of Writing is Ongoing

Reading other writers inspires writing. Tips, tactics, and tools for stronger writing are worth research and experimentation. Best practices and formulas are valuable to study. Discovering the most effective processes for flaming your writing habit also helps.

Figuring all of this out is an ongoing quest. Here’s a shortlist for you with more about blog writing from my explorations to improve:

What’s your take on the importance of the craft of writing for your business blog? Comment your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Writing Tips to Improve Your Blog”

  1. Good points here Sue-Ann. I gain confidence and clarity by writing at least 500-1000 words daily, even if I write the words in an offline setting. Writing early and often allows you to deliver content clearly, confidently and with genuine posture. Keep writing. Write some more. Then as Ann says, observe your content through the eyes of your readers. Put yourself in their shoes to up your writing game.


    1. Ryan:

      We are two of a kind with daily writing to develop and build skills and capabilities.

      I also appreciate and accept feedback to help improve my writing as well.

      Putting readers first makes you focus on being helpful and becoming a useful resource to people:)

      Onward and upward. It sure is a long-term endeavor!! Thanks so much for making blogging more fun for all of us, Ryan!!
      Truly, Sue-Ann

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