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Although Ross Brand is the king of Livestreaming Video, he weighs in on the utter importance of having a blog for your business in 2022.

In his introduction to help kick off the launch of the AppSumo DEAL, now available for How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog, Ross explains how your website’s blog is a place for people to learn more and to help them decide if they want to do business with you.

“The blog is another aspect of our marketing and our community and our outreach to potential clients and customers…”

~Ross Brand

Your Blog Has a Big Job for Your Business

If you approach your blog with clarity and focus, you gain every advantage of a soft touch approach for winning people over. As the content hub for your website, your blog acts as the center for content marketing operations, providing useful business information 24-7.

It’s essential to remember how critical multiple touchpoints are in gaining sales, and your blog’s role in creating those touches is significant.

Creating content assets to connect with people helps magnetize your blog’s reach while building trust for your business and authority for your site. These valuable content assets also serve as fodder for developing social media marketing outreach to showcase your business. Additionally, content repurposing also called “content boomerang,” plays a role in creating content for your blog, helping it travel far and wide on your behalf.

In the video interview above, we dive into some of these topics. But, Ross also asks about how the concept of blinging your blog and labeling it a hog came about, and why it matters. I hope you have a little time to check it out.

It’s an honor and a privilege for the incomparable Ross Brand to interview me and help kick off this VERY important launch for How to Bling Your Blog! I’d love to see you there with me on the ©Blog Transformation Highway to create a valuable blog content hub to gain new business.

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What is my NEW prediction? Out soon…

7 Reasons Why You Need to Bling Your Blog

This is just a shortlist of reasons you may want, or even need, to join me and work to bling your blog to:

  • Gain Attraction, Awareness, and Attention to Your Business
  • Deliver Depth to Your Digital Business Card
  • Showcase Product and Services Information
  • Provide Details About Your Industry, Field, or Expertise
  • Keep Stakeholders Up-to-date on Business Events and Happenings
  • Share Thought Leadership and Industry Insights
  • Establish Authority and Credibility in Creating Your Digital ID

Of course, all those benefits sound great but there are a lot of moving parts to put into place and get working before your blog operation starts ticking like a well-oiled machine. And even then, you’ll need to change or add oil to keep things chugging along.

Your learning journey to level up your blog along the ©Blog Transformation Highway (BTH) will show you how to trudge through the muck, understand blogging pitfalls, and tune up your blog with the finest tools and processes. Heck, it’ll even help you read the map to make collecting your blog bling and feeding your hog of a blog, a fun, and insightful adventure!

Ready to elevate YOUR BLOG for 2022?

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