How to Propel Your Business With a Powerful Blog

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As a content creator for businesses, I explicitly know how vital your business blog is to drive traffic to your website and business to your company. But blogs today have a ton of moving parts, complications, and considerations, all capable of bogging you down, sometimes stopping you dead in your tracks. It can feel daunting. Overwhelming. Frustrating.  

Blogs are Hogs

There’s so much to do!

Just when you think you’re making progress, everything changes. It’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to focus down. 

I felt that way for years. Almost like drowning but too stubborn maybe to give up and, oh, I do LOVE to write! At least there was that much in my favor.

However, once all the pieces fell together, I thought, hmmm, if only I had all this information and all these details sooner. Surely, my blog’s success may have come sooner, too.

So this is why I am sooo passionate about finally, confidently, and happily presenting this site I envision as filled with bunches of valuable resources to help you in all the business and digital details it took me a lifetime to acquire. It’s all coming nicely together now. Growing and blossoming like Jack-and-the-beanstalk’s greenery, up to the sky. Hooray! 

But I want YOU to jump in and grow too. It’s fun and perfect for business.

And that’s really the thing, isn’t it? We all need to do better in our businesses and, at the same time, keep up and keep learning in a fast-moving business tide. A rushing wave where it’s easier to drown than to surf because just like surfing, it’s easier said than done. But when you get good at it (i.e., confident) and enjoy the exhilarating ride it is to run a business, especially when that entrepreneurial spirit brings you online, then you know there’s always more to learn. Well. You may be great, but there is still something new to do, try, figure out. Agree?

But I Don’t Need a Business Blog

Even when operating primarily online, many small businesses and freelancers make the mistaken assumption they don’t need a blog.

But, maybe, that’s incorrect. Because your blog is the central activity hub for your business website, and a blog is integral to your online presence. 

But let’s back it up first and talk about why you need to own property on the big bad, and sometimes overwhelming, web. I know some of you are dying to scream at me, thinking you only need your favorite platform–whether YouTube, Facebook, or whatever! 

But, think this over carefully. If you haven’t heard anything recently, hear this now, you can be locked out, kicked off, or the rules changed to your detriment in a million ways on any and every one of your favorite social sites, platforms, and apps. A small algorithm change can kick your digital butt and has for many. And algorithms do continually change.

Check this Jeff Sieh Agorapulse-sponsored social media show for some views on what I mean more specifically. 

Knowing you cannot rely on a platform, it becomes imperative you introduce people (your audience, potential audience, clients, colleagues, and collaborators) to your digital home. A home where you own the intellectual property.

You can do whatever you want on your owned property, so that sounds fun, right?

Think of this as the premiere way you can help people find out everything about you. And, they can do so twenty-four hours a day. Digitally, you’re always on…

Your Blog Has a Big Job...and a lot of moving parts!
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Publicize You

Act as a publishing house for yourself. Showcase you. Organize content so it’s easy to access and simple for people to share around with others. Compile your resources in a content asset library. By bringing people to you and keeping them interested in your site, you increase your services’ top-of-mind visibility. You invite interactivity. Your credibility grows. 

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, just organized a bit. The thing is, the content you are already producing is easy to share and repurpose in a ton of ways in your content hub, making it more valuable. 

Having your YouTube videos on your website means people are likely to stay with you without YouTube’s barrage of distractions. Or worse, ads! You want eyes on your stuff.

You want an attractive collection of your work, perhaps highlighting your top projects or best creations. Or, you can offer content by categories, or services, depending on your exact business model. 

The thing is, your blog has a big job!! But when done right, it gives your digital presence a comfortable and welcoming home that’s yours to control. It makes it easy for people to find you, no matter what happens elsewhere on other channels or apps. You can design unique experiences there so people to get to know you and your brand. You can experiment, play, change, and evolve as you go, and as you grow your business and blog value. 

In this video, I share with you some of the most important reasons for why you need a blog, even if it’s a hog, for your business, along with a few key concepts to keep in mind as well. Take a quick look @-@!

featuring Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise

Blog Warning Label

I hope that little presentation with the kind help of my talented island-hopping blogging maniac friend, Ryan Biddulph, of Blogging From Paradise, inspires you. Plus, I hope you are starting to contemplate the value a blog brings and how meaningful it is for your digital presence.

But you need to know; a blog often acts as the center of your larger content marketing strategy. For starters, and to give it to you straight, this post lets you know precisely what content marketing is NOT. Because like many things in business, a blog and blog content creation isn’t just a walk in the park. It does take some thinking. And planning. And work.

Still, it is the most magnetic way to build a business. Even better, your blog works for you 24/7, gaining momentum, and spreading information about your business. Unlike social, your blog is always on, even if you’re not. People are learning about your business, product, or services and your reputation is growing while you’re out fishing for the day, or whatever! 

As your blog assets grow, so does the value of your website and blog, at the same time deepening your digital footprint. The possibilities of what you can do with your owned blog property are endless. 

EXCEPT, beep beep beep, the warning label I want to offer you. Going at it haphazardly and without a well-thought-out strategy in place costs you the most costly thing of all. TIME. 

Ready to Bling Your Blog with Me?

Anyway, you really should hop on, “How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog” blog learning journey to get a concrete foundation in place with everything you need to know. I’m so absolutely sure this Blog Bling learning quest will help you improve your blog in a disciplined manner to make sure you get it done. I can’t wait to start!

It doesn’t matter what you specialize in, your blog allows you a unique positioning to highlight your story and make it sing. 

We can absolutely figure it out.

Get your blog up and running or updated with a solid plan in place and a strategy for moving forward with focus, intent, and a meaningful map for progress. Surprises are in store and maybe some fun in learning together, too! See you there?


4 thoughts on “How to Propel Your Business With a Powerful Blog”

  1. I love this phrase – “Bling Your Blog.”

    And as you just said: Blogging allows someone a unique positioning to express their stories and requires a lot of patience, hard work, long-term commitment, and of-course, long learning.

    I remember when one of my friends got hired by a major brand just because the CEO liked something from her writing. She wasn’t too authoritative in search engines but still, blogging worked for her grabbing the attention of PROS. That’s how it goes on. And Sue-Ann, your words are a lot more refreshing on an evergreen subject – business blogging.

    1. Shyam:

      So cool you found my little “secret” site project— and yep, it’s all about the business blog bling!
      I also genuinely appreciate your kind words about my writing on a well-covered topic. I always feel a challenge to constantly upgrade, or at least improve with everything I write.
      Writing for different clients in different industries always adds to keeping research and writing malleable and inspiring, too, I think. I love that excellent writing got your friend noticed and new work…that’s the goal! And it’s so sweet to hear cases where it happens that way for people:)
      All I can say is I must love this blogging and writing stuff since it’s after midnight on a Saturday night and here I am working on this blog! Perfect timing to grab your comment fresh this time! lol
      Well, take care, keep writing, and thank you so much!!

      P.S. I think writing powers the digital world…just between us:)

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